School of Medicine in Katowice

School of Medicine in Katowice

The school of medicine annually admits about 460 students (studies in Polish) and about 140 international students from all over the world (studies in English).

The school employs 342 academic teachers and 142 scientific assistants, who specialize in cardiology, neurology, the study of hormonal activity of adipose tissue and its therapeutic modification, physiological experiments on neuroregeneration processes and the use of cell culture in pharmacology and experimental nephrology.

The Medical University of Silesia in Katowice has one of the largest clinical bases among all medical universities in Poland. It consists of:

SUM clinics and clinical departments occupy a significant place on the Polish market of medical services, and are listed at the top of the national rankings as the best centers in many areas.

The Medical University of Silesia in Katowice has the largest Medical Didactics and Simulation Center in Poland, where students can train on phantoms and training models, skills necessary for their future work, such as making decisions under stress and under the pressure of time, implementing proper conduct, working in a team and team management, interviewing, proper communication with staff, a patient and a patient's family. Medical Didactics and Simulation Center is a "hospital in a nutshell": it has six simulation rooms:

  • operating room
  • intensive care room
  • two rooms of a hospital emergency department
  • a paediatrics room, a delivery room and an ambulance simulator.

Thanks to new technology, everything is so realistic that future medical practitioners quickly forget they are practicing on simulators. Not only do the "patients" at the Center look like living people, but they also resemble them in terms of physiological reactions. They make sounds, sweat, and bleed. Thanks to the use of medical simulation, students are also better prepared for contact with patients, which increases the safety and comfort of patients in clinical hospitals.