Life and Cost of Living in Katowice

Katowice was once an industrial and mining city. Today, it is a modernized and lively city, associated primarily with innovation and creativity. It boasts a variety of socio-economic functions, ranging from the fields of science, commerce and business, along with highly valued cultural and creative industries as well. The post-industrial character of the city has become the basis for creating a unique cultural and tourist attraction on a national and European scale. Several institutions play a very important role in this regard, such as:

Living in Katowice region is very affordable, giving you a wonderful opportunity to try new things without breaking the bank. There are plenty of things to do and ways to enjoy your time while living in Katowice. Below you can find links to a website which provides you with the approximate costs of living in Katowice. What is more, you can even compare it with what you would normally spend in your home country. Of course, this is only an estimate, but it could serve as a great tool for budgeting expenses before you move to Katowice.

You may wish to watch the video below to see Katowice from an international perspective.